We believe that entrepreneurs are the driving force behind change and progress in the world.

Leadwind is a $250M VC fund investing in tech scale-ups across Southern Europe & LATAM.

The local ecosystem is maturing and growing larger every year, with exec teams capable of creating international champions, while working closely with corporates to reinvent whole industries. Early stage companies have a lot of options for raising around €1-5M, but local options are limited for bigger rounds.

Investment Thesis

AI, Blockchain, 5G/Edge, IoT & Cloud services create a perfect storm for disruption. We will invest in founders building the tech infrastructure, tools and services that power business enablers, new interfaces & experiences and the productivity revolution in the region. We will bet on software, next generation devices and digital services to enhance customer experiences.

What we are looking for

  • We partner with mission-driven entrepreneurs who posses high IQ, creativity and a crazy vision.
  • We will invest in companies building the tech infrastructure, tools and API-first services that enable new businesses, interfaces & experiences and foster the productivity revolution in Southern Europe and LATAM.
  • We look for fast growing scale ups, with proven product market fit with recurrent yearly revenues in the path to profitability.
  • We support founders who want to generate social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.
Team & Advisory Board

Leadwind is managed by a complementary, cohesive team of former founders, operators and growth venture experts who have done it before.

Advisory Board

We've built a network of up to ten senior advisors complement our team's sector knowledge with their diverse expertise and leadership experience.

Pilar Manchón

Senior Director of Engineering & AlResearch Strategy at Google. VP of Engineering, Conversational Al at Roku.Ex-Amazon and Intel. Postgraduate at Stanford. Computational Linguistics PhD.

Pedro Castillo

CEO at Signalit. Founder and CTO Devo. Former Director of New Technologies at Bankinter. Studied Chemistry at UCM.

Sergio Furio

Founder & CEO at Creditas. Co-Chairman Scale-Up Ventures. Board member at HBSAngels of Brazil. Partner at Actyus Fintech fund. Endeavor Brasil Board Member. Ex-BCG. MBA at Cornell and Esade.

Ignacio Vilela

Partner at Junípero (Stripe, Airbnb, Klarna, Coinbase). Founder and Managing Partner at StartCaps Ventures. Workday CVC Fund Manager. MSc in Engineering.

Elise Neel

Elise wields a rare alchemy of corporate finesse, innovation prowess, risk management diligence, and ecosystem cultivation. Elise spent nearly a decade at Verizon leading New Business Incubation, where she amassed a portfolio of nine audacious investment ventures, heralding the advent of the 5G era.

Alfonso de la Nuez

Former Co-Founder and CEO of UserZoom, led the company's growth from a Spanish startup to a global organization with $100m ARR, serving Fortune 100 clients across industries. Extensive experience in technology, digital marketing, and UX research, and is a sought-after advisor and speaker, with a book and three USPTO patents to his name.


Connection with our partner corporates will allow our projects to scale commercially, while we share market intelligence from different verticals and generate real revenues for both sides. Way beyond the innovation theatre.

Wayra and Telefónica Open Innovation provide us with a superb link into the ecosystem to source seed startups and access the best entrepreneurs in LATAM and Europe. We work closely with them and our corporate LPs to support joint business development and participation in events, workshops, etc.