Leadwind, a growth fund supporting global tech winners in Southern Europe and Latam

We are super excited about the launch of Leadwind, a tech driven Venture Capital Fund of up to €250M with strong corporate ties to support scaleups in their tipping point.

All business models which are still fundamentally analogic will become digital, actually, beyond digital, they will become intelligent and connected. AI and the enormous depth and breadth of data sources is one of the pillars of the future, which represents enormous opportunities and challenges around security, automation and new forms of collaboration between machines and people. 

It is in the intersection of enabling technologies such as IoT, networks, cloud services, AI or blockchain where we feel that the most promising and impactful new businesses and industries will be created to, among other things, improve and create new customer experiences, gain operational efficiencies through automated processes, and lastly, to redefine the future of work and our planet.

And the local ecosystem is ready, we see great entrepreneurs around us daily, from Barcelona or Madrid, to Lisbon, Porto or São Paulo, showcasing that Silicon Valley is an attitude, tackling complex projects without fear and creating winning global projects.

All these local hubs have prestigious universities, access to sophisticated and experienced talent and growing networks of entrepreneurs who succeeded in the past and are helping create networks of trusted peers for newcomers (plus these are great places to live in). There is also a strong public and corporate support, since it is now well understood that scale ups are critical factors in the creation of quality jobs and wealth, with an expected growth of 10% year over year till 2025, as stated in the European Startups Report.

We strongly believe in the role of corporations to work with scaleups to enable global scale in a symbiotic dynamic, where both parties can generate meaningful revenues and create new verticals for their customers. 

Telefónica’s and other corporations’ potential participation in this exciting adventure, will reinforce its impact and support in the local economy. While they find game changers who can change their own direction through new revenue streams but also sharing market intelligence, we will play a key role in financing the best performing companies and supporting sustainable growth and job creation in the whole region.

Here at K we have the vision to become the most relevant Venture Capital Management company in the region, supporting entrepreneurs from ideation to IPO. Our early stage funds KI and KII and our fund of funds, MVB, will be strongly reinforced with a much needed growth fund, Leadwind. 

And we will keep on strengthening our transversal support platforms, from Talent, to Leadership, Product & Technology, Business Development and Fundraising for our portfolio companies. 

The time is now. Let’s get to work!

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