PodKast 115 - A conversation with Pedro Ribeiro (Armilar Venture Partners) about Portugal and deep tech investing

We believe that Portugal has been punching above its weight for quite some time on many aspects, but especially when it comes to its technology ecosystem.

To understand the local tech market better, we recently chatted with Pedro Ribeiro, partner at Armilar Venture Partners, one of Portugal's most experienced VC firms. In this episode of our podKast, we talk to Pedro about the following topics:

  • How covid-19 has impacted Portugal's tech market and Armilar's operations as a firm
  • The history of Armilar
  • How the Portugal startup ecosystem has evolved, both from the perspective of investors and entrepreneurs
  • How to find life-work balance as an investor and as a founder
  • Their deep tech focus and other trends they've seen
  • And many other topics

Pedro's book recommendation: The Digital Mind

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