PodKast 151 - A conversation with Avi Meir (TravelPerk) about making the best out of the pandemic, M&A transactions and leadership at hypergrowth

In our last episode of 2021 we sit down with Avi Meir, CEO of TravelPerk, the Barcelona-based startup that has changed the way companies of all sizes do corporate travel.

In this episode, we talk to Avi about the following topics:

  • How TravelPerk's pitch has changed over the years
  • How the company made the best out of the pandemic and launched new products and did several M&A transactions
  • Why Avi says that an M&A transaction actually starts when the deal is signed
  • How is TravelPerk ran as a company and how do they make decisions
  • How to build and ran a good board of directors

The book recommended by Avi is The Happiness Hypothesis.

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