Welcome Nacho Puell (Head of Research) to the K Fund Family

A big part of the job we do is modeling different future scenarios by connecting the dots. During our dozens of meetings with entrepreneurs, experts, and LPs, tons of new dots become part of our –yet undocumented– brains. And today, we’re thrilled to announce that Nacho Puell is joining us to help us with that.

As our Head of Research, Nacho will help us to develop better what-ifs models, by helping us to visualize and understand the outcomes, the size of the opportunity, the competitive landscape, and the market dynamics. By –somehow– connecting our team members’ knowledge bases (or brains), we expect to build harder, better faster, and stronger thesis about particular companies and entire industries.

As a former entrepreneur and an experienced operator (he has led design, operations, and product teams in the past), we also expect Nacho to become an operator for our portfolio companies.

Welcome to the team Nacho!

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